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 The moderate climate and calm waves are suitable for aquatic sports and fit for setting a 2,000-meter boat course, and various kinds of reces, triathlon and open-water will be held here.
 The city of Itako has excellent training venues, facilities and accommodations for athletes, and it will be a perfect camp site for rowing, triathlon and open-water. Also, people in Itako will warmly welcome the athletes.

Itako Boat Course Outline

Length 2,000m
Boat race lanes 5 lanes(13.5m wide)
Out-of-race lanes 2 lanes(16.25m wide)
Entire Width 7 lanes(100m wide)
Training Area 5,000m long

Boat Races held in Itako

1973 All Japan Members of Society Rowing Tournament
1974 National Athletic Meet
1981 All Japan High School Rowing Tournament
2002 All Japan High School Rowing Tournament
  • On June 26,2016
    the 38th Suigo-Itako City Regatta
    the 7th Kanto Junior High School Rowing Tournament

Boat Center "Amenbo"

Boat Center [Amenbo]

Rowing Machines
Bike Machines

Every kind of Machines for Weight-Training

Boat Gear Available
Knuckle Four 20
Eight 1
Four with a cox 10
Quad Scull with a cox 20
Double Scull 20
Single Scull 30
Catamaran 2
Working Boad 3

ボートセンターあめんぼ02 ボートセンターあめんぼ03

Public Pool

Heated Pool with Retractable shelter・・・25m×8 lane

Healthland "Sakura"

Healthland [Sakura]

Erobic exercise machine 16
Muscle strength training machine 10

You can design and control a training program by TGS key.

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