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 Itako is located approximately 80 kilometers away from Tokyo, the venue for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and it takes about 70 minutes by expressway bus.Blessed with rich nature surrounded by rivers and lakes, the city is in a quasi-national park called Suigo-Tsukuba Kokutei Koen.

 In early summer, Suigo-Itako Iris Festival takes place in Suigo-Itako Ayame-en garden where 1 million iris plants of 500 varieties are grown, and lots of visitors enjoy viewing the beautiful flowers of purple, white and yellow at their peak. Particularly, Yomeiri-bune(a bride in a wedding gown on a boat), a traditional wedding ceremony, is a must-see event during the festival. You will be relaxed in a friendly atmosphere unique to the riverside area where time goes by slowly.

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